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Why do we manufacture Acrylic tubs?

Cast acrylic is one of today’s more popular materials for tubs and showers. It’s warm to the touch, making for a more relaxing tub experience, and the water stays warm for a much longer time. The highly durable, non-porous solid surface of the MyControl Bathing System resists scum and mildew, making it easy to clean. And if it’s cleaned according to manufacturer directions, the surface will retain its showroom finish indefinitely. Acrylic Bathtubs and showers are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. In fact, it is only because MyControl is made with acrylic that it’s one-of-a-kind design can be obtained. The cast acrylic sheets used to manufacture MyControl’s basin and door is unique because the color goes all the way through the material — it’s not just sprayed on the surface. This means the color won’t fade over time, and it will absorb impacts that chip other materials. The Cast acrylic used to manufacture MyControl is slightly more expensive than fiberglass, but over the long term, it’s your best investment. With normal use, you’ll probably wear out before your MyControl Bathing System made with cast acrylic will!

Is Accessible Bath Technologies a bargin basement supplier of tubs like those I see on TV and all over the internet?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! ABT manufactures a high-end high quality Bathing System. Those who choose MyControl Bathing System are very serious about their short and long term care and the ability to remain independent and safe. They have a full understanding of the value one-time cost to purchase MyControl Bathing System and the long-term benefits and cost advantages of remaining in their home. MyControl is not a short walkin-type tub. Period.

Will I have to regulate hot and cold water like a traditional faucet set each time MyControl is used?

No. The Touch Assist screens and the VoiceMate Sound and Voice module control the operation of food-grade solenoids and the electrically actuated drain. Solenoids are used to provide water flow from the wall shower, hand-held shower, water faucet, and to the bathing system door seal. We only recommend that you use the best, Grohtherm “High flow” thermostatic temperature control valves. Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit, temperature is selected by dialing the temperature handle to a setting within the 70 to 110 degree comfort zone. The Grohterm knob design features a safety stop at 100 degrees for added protection. Vist the water control & management page for more details.

Can addtional Touch Assist key pads be added to assist a bather from a remote location?

 Yes. Any of the key pads can be added though highly unlikely that addition would be necessary. ABT has developed MyControl AT-Link that connects MyControl Bathing System to a compatible computer device using a USB cable or by using Blue tooth connection. Addition of control key pads were a plus in prior years. The key pads were once very helpful when there was necessity to assist a bather. Touch key pads can be daisy chained from one pad to another using a special connection cable available from ABT. Should additional key pads be used, they should be installed in close proximity to MyControl installation location yet where the assistant can provide the most privacy to the bather.

Can the bathing system be programmed to recognize commands in any language?

 Yes. MyControl’s VoiceMate recognition technology was designed to know no barriers in language or speech patterns. The VoiceMate can even be programmed to recognize various noises as commands.

Why should I purchase a MyControl Bathing system instead of moving to a nursing or assisted living home?

The average private-pay cost for a private room (single occupant in a nursing home in 2009 is $284 per day (or $103,680 per year). For a semi-private room, typically a room shared with another resident with a curtain or other partition between the beds, the average cost was $242 per day, or $88,330 per year.

About 65 percent of nursing home residents are supported primarily by Medicaid, and Medicaid pays for 45 percent of the total nursing home bill.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care, but the program covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing home care per benefit period, after 20 days, beneficiaries must pay a coinsurance.

Here is a break down for comparison purposes only

National Spending for lowest cost nursing home care by payer each year of stay:

Medicaid, 45% $46,656
Medicare, 17% $17,625.60
Other 6% $6,220.80
Private insurance, 7% $7,257.60
Your out of pocket, 25% $25,920.00

One-time cost of MyControl Bathing System without promotional Discount(s) $16,800.00

Benefit to you or a loved one as a result of remaining at home $$$Priceless$$$

As an Average, MyControl Bathing System pays for itself in just under 8 months.

Do I have to use the Touch Assist key pad to activate the voice recognition features?

Yes and No. MYCONTROL comes to you with the VoiceMate installed. You can place the VoiceMate in recognition mode by touching the “recognition” screen pad.  Or, you can make sole use of the Constant listening feature. The VoiceMate is not intended for use in areas where background noise is highly likely (TV, stereo, house-hold family members talking, paging intercoms).

We offer a continuous listening mode called CL Technology. In CL Mode, MyControl is always listening for a command. Our Continuous Listening technology enables MYCONTROL to respond to specific, discrete commands without using the Touch screen recognition pad or waiting for a prompt. We offer both speaker-dependent and speaker-independent Constant Listening technologies.

Can MyControl be used outdoors like a spa?

MyControl is designed for indoor use only. MyControl features technology that will prevent operation of the bathing system if used outdoors or if the bathing system is installed in direct sunlight that might damage it. That’s helpful! That’s smart technology!

Will I get burned if someone flushes a toilet or my outside sprinkler comes on while I am filling the bathing system or taking a shower?

If the recommended Grohe valve is used with MyControl, Grohe says not likely. It is highly unlikely that water temperatures will fluctuate if other water sources are opened while filling the bathing system or during a shower. Refer to the “Water management” section of our web site for more detailed information.

Can I download User manuals from you web site?

Yes. MyControl operation Manual to download.

Can I download brochures from you web site?

Where can an authorized installer or authorized corporate team member view more indepth and technical information about MyControl Bathing System?

Can I require my landlord to pay for and install this bathing system?

In many cases the answer is yes. Upon request, Accessible Bath Technologies will e-mail you a copy of section 504, within the disabilities act, that addresses this issue. We will also provide you with a form you must submit to your landlord when making such a request.

Is there anything I have to adjust by hand?

Only the water temperature valve. All other functions are controlled by using the touch key pad panels and the VoiceMate.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (29 U.S.C. Sec 2202(2)

Who Benefits from Assistive Technology?

First, and most important, you do. Assistive Technology benefits everyone from individual users to employers, teachers, family members, and other community members who interact with users of AT. By increasing access, assistive technology increases opportunities for participation-which benefits us all.

Does ABT recommend any installers?

Yes. We offer a list of certified MyControl installers in various areas of the United States.

Will I need assistance with exiting the bathing system in the event of a power failure?

All door functions are controlled electronically. The door can only be opened if all water is drained from the bathing system. As a built-in safety feature, all water is contained in the bathing system during a power failure. A battery back-up system is recommended at additional cost from a non-ABT retailer. ABT makes recommendations under the section “battery back up” found on this web site. As a friendly reality note, when was the last time you experienced a power failure while taking a bath or shower? The door can be opened in emergency situations where exiting is worth releasing water onto the bathroom floor. A plastic putty knife can allow for the manual release of the door strikes.

A pop-up drain can replace one of the bath tub drain outlets. The pop-up drain can be used to drain tub of water in the event of a power outage and in the absence of a battery back up system. Use of a pop-up drain should be thought out carefully. Assistance to the bather by an out of tub person will be necessary even when a pop up drain is employed as part of an exit strategy. Assistance to release the door strikes will be necessary. Benefit of pop-up drain use is the lack of water presence when releasing the door strikes.

What colors do you offer?

We offer white. White is our standard color.

What type of pipe do your whirlpools have?

We use a combination of flex and straight pipe. We tack the hose in place to prevent water retention, which can lead to bacteria growth. We use the flex pipe to supply the jets because it provides flexibility if it is inadvertently bumped during installation.

What type of pumps do you use?

We provide a 1/2 HP whirlpool pump. The pump provides great performance.

Do you make bathing system skirt kits for stand-alone use?

No, at this time we do not have this option available for purchase.

Do your bathing systems need to have a frame built around them?

No, all of our bathing systems are pre-framed. Please refer to the product over view section here at our web site for detailed photos of the frame.

Can the price of MyControl Bathing System be negotiated?

No. Careful and diligent thought has gone into the design and manufacture of our MyControl Bathing System. ABT offers the most advanced Bathing System based on the principle of providing a quality product that serves persons with disabilities and their families with the utmost of reliability and convenience. To achieve this goal and so much more we have established a price based on incorporation of required features that attempt to address the many variables that exist within the disability community. We at ABT strive to serve the broadest range of disabilities. Our one price policy insures that every purchaser of MyControl receives the same low price while allowing ABT to provide the highest quality product without cutting any corners. Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC sets all product pricing. Independent ABT Sales Representatives can not adjust pricing without authorization from Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC.

What types of payment will you accept?

MyControl Bathing System can be purchased through authorized ABT Independent Sales Representatives. When purchasing ABT products through an Independent Representative, payment is made directly to that Representative based on their individual payment requirements.

ABT direct purchases: All on-line purchase transactions are performed through PayPal where applicable. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and e-checks. Purchases can be made directly from our manufacturing plant. Only a Bank Certified check or money order will be accepted as payment when ordering direct from our factory. Due to Pay Pal restrictions, MyControl can not be purchased on-line.

Is the 1/2 HP pump strong enough?

Plenty. There is a certain comfort level to a whirlpool system. Too much is as bad as not enough. We feel that ours provides the perfect pressure for the amount of jets used. For a softer massage you can close the air controls, and for a more intense massage, the air controls can be opened.

Can ABT add more jets at customer's request?

At this time no. The pump currently used is the 1/2 HP Vico Ultra Jet Power Wow and adding jets could adversely affect the performance of the whirlpool system. We are confident that you will find the four supplied jets more than sufficient.