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ABT thanks all of the brave men and woman of our military, past and present, for their dedication and service to our great nation.


Of all the battles in life, bathing independence doesn’t have to be one of them.

MyControl Bathing System features extremely user-friendly technology to assit most individuals with their bathing needs. Don’t be foolled. MyControl is not like a traditional walk-in. The bathing system is truely tailored for use by persons with a disability, is sensitive to the needs of caregivers, yet universal in design so it can be used by just about anyone in a household.

ABT is focased on providing awareness and education to government agencies, public and private organizations, and Veteran’s programs about MyControl Bathing System.

We search to identify outside suitable avenues that will help Veterans and those serving in our military to obtain a MyControl Bathing System. Your input is greatly appreciated. Any information you can provide to us will be given great attention. Please submit information to

We are offering MyControl Bathing System at a drastically reduced price for use in the care of a disabled Veteran or any person returning from or serving in recent conflict.

Contact ABT directly or ask any ABT Product Representative for more information about our verterans and military discount program.

Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC is an approved vendor to the Veterans Administration and is listed on their CRC vendor’s list. ABT is also registered with the CCR, D&B, and BPN. The Business Partner Network (BPN) is the single source for vendor data for the Federal Government.


Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom active and non-active veterans and veterans in general everywhere.

HISA GRANT ALLOWENCES have increased and will cover a portion of the purchase price and installation cost for MyControl Bathing System

Congress has approved an increased the VA’s Home Improvement and structural Alteration Grant programs (HISA). The increase was brought about as a result of the Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010.

HISA programs provide grants to veterans who require home adaptations to provide access to in-home medical care. A HISA is available to service connected and non-service connected veterans who have a qualified disability or disabilities. The grant money covers costs to perform home modifications such as widening doors to accommodate mobility aids like wheel chairs and a portion of the purchase price and installation costs for MyControl Bathing System as it relates to descriptions defined within the grant terms. A service-connected disabled veteran can be approved and receive a HISA grant as well as other VA home adaptation grants at the same time.

The HISA approved bill increases the maximum amount of a grant for a service-connected veteran up to $6,800. A non-service connected veteran’s allowance has been raised to $2,000. Given the grant increases, Veterans with service-connected injuries and/or disabilities should be compensated for the purchase of a basic MyControl Bathing System and a large portion of the purchase price for the MyControl Signature Series Bathing System; along with installation and various associated modification costs.

ABT’s partnerships program can direct you to sources that can assist with completion of the steps to fill successfully file for a HISA grant as well as ABT certified installers of MyControl Bathing System.

To obtain financial assistance to be used in the purchase and installation of MyControl Bathing System through a HISA grant you must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a VA or fee based doctor’s prescription stating that a MyControl side accessible automated bathing system will improve your quality of life, mobility, and hygiene. Helpful hint: List any specific functions and features of MyControl that will directly impact you
  2. Provide a photograph of your bathroom “before” any remodeling or safety modifications have been made
  3. Acquire three quotes for labor and materials from certified plumbers/contractors. ABT can assist you with locating plumbers/contractors
  4. Turn your prescription, photograph, three quotes and form VA FORM 10-01033 into the Prosthetics and Sensory Aid Services Department at your local VA hospital.

Accessible Bath Technologies will be very pleased to provide you, your contractor and plumber with a detailed written proposal that can be used and referenced in all three of the labor and material estimates you must present to your local VA board.

For additional information and assistance please contact ABT customer care and our partnership program at 518 937-1518 or e-mail us at

*** All claims that VA Benefits will cover the purchase and any subsequent cost of installation and maintenance are made based on the representations and claims issued by the VA or other organizations that provide assistance to Veterans. ABT will not be responsible for any costs associated with a denied claim or claims.