Mobile Education Team

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Invite Our Mobile Education Team To Your Business, Organization, or Event

  • Mobile Presentation Trailers are heated and air conditioned
  • Equipped for outside presentations
  • Accessible ramping to trailer
  • Guest interactive experience
  • On-board office for purchase
  • On-site enroll as a Representitive, wholeseller or Distributor of MyControl Bathing System


After a presentation of MyControl by our team, guests are encouraged to view and touch the Bathing System. Guests can interact with a fuctioning (no water) MyContol Bathing System. Guests are invited to experience tranfer in and out of the spacious bath basin and use the patented bi-fold door. The two touch screens and the VoiceMate are fully operational.

Be sure our Mobile Education Showroom fits at your location.

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  • Inside the 36 foot Mobile Education Showroom

    Inside the 36 foot Mobile Education Showroom

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    Guests can interact with MyContol Bathing System and watch the water valves and water detection system and the electric drain valve react.

  • Media Center

    Media Center

  • Interactive VoiceMate display

    Interactive VoiceMate display Guests can interact with a MyContol Touch Screen and VoiceMate, either from the table stand or on the guest's lap. Guests can program all bath system functions and then experience voice command operation.

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    Our Eduction Showroom features an over-size door typically used in home and commercial environments. The custom diamond plate ramp and rail system provides for safe and easy passage for all guests.

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Please, no for-profit Marketing Solicitors. We do not pay to attend shows or promotional Events