ABT “AT-Link”

Ability-based technologies. Ability-based solutions.


Increased independence and individualize preference adjustment

  • Qualified individuals can adjust and personalize MyControl timer settings with a laptop or other compatible media devices
  • MyControl Icon is automatically placed on a desk top at upload
  • Direct Blu Tooth connection to MyControl electronic control module
  • Virtual on screen touch control pads for ease of programming and for making service adjustments
  • Virtual Key Pads appear on your tablet or mobile device for wireless remote bather assist capability

Handheld surface w panels 2               touch assist surface close up

About Assistive Technology Link or simply put “AT-Link”

AT-Link offers two separate features.  1) Remote assist.  This feature allows for the assisting of a bather by another person using the virtual on-screen keypad (laptop or windows based OS device). 2) Customization of specific bathing system functions and operating features. This feature (2) is recommended for use by qualified individuals.  It is not design to be used by the bather.

MyControl offers ABT’s “AT-LINK”. Open the downloaded software and the MyControl panel allows for individualized function customization using slide-icon boxes.

AT-LINK is extremely useful to adjust operation to a particular ability or accommodate or adjust to a bather’s size and age.

Connect to MyControl with any windows-based computer via Blu Tooth technology to utilize programming capabilities.

MyControl is shipped with general use settings in place. Use the ABT “AT-Link” feature to control the following (recommended for use only by qualified individuals):

  • Connect/disconnect Icon
  • Close panel Icon
  • Virtual on screen key pad control of functions using a tablet or Microsoft based device – Remote assist bather from a close proximity.
  • View status – shows status of the door and water level in exact inches and feet ( -0.02, etc.). This feature appears on the screen as a separate box that can be moved around the screen.
  • Door open duration
  • Cleaning mode duration
  • Sanitize duration
  • Seal fill time
  • seal drain time
  • Drain water level
  • Whirlpool water level
  • High water level
  • Water timer
  • Whirlpool timer

Download the ABT Control Panel software and you are ready to go!

AT-Link ABTPanels are straight forward and easy to use.

Connect to MyControl using your device’s Blue Tooth manager.

Blu tooth connect


After connection use Firmware loader to update MyControl with the latest ABT software.

Update and download box


Use the virtual Keypad on your device to remotely* assist bather with their bathing experience where needed.

Remote panel for mobile devices


Qualified persons can use My Control Panel to tailor MyControl Bathing System to the bather’s abilities and needs.

Control panel before connect
Control panel after connect


MyControl status Box will appear on your device screen. This feature is for technical use and is not intended for end-user interaction.

Water level box