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Voice Mate Automation

vrsmoduleMyControl VoiceMate is a speech-sound-dependent recognition module featuring an on-board microcontroller, allowing training of all 9 bathing control functions. Using sophisticated award-winning speech and sound recognition technology, the VoiceMate maps spoken or sound commands (words, sentences, or sounds) to system control functions. With proper, easy-to-use training, the VoiceMate can achieve greater than 99% recognition accuracy.

MyControl’s VoiceMate feature is most helpful to persons who have limited or no use of their hands or fingers. In addition, the sound recognition capabilities of VoiceMate makes it ideal for persons who can not speak at all or have diminished speech capabiliy. MyControl’s VoiceMate can be used interchangeably with the Touch Assist screens. To train or place VoiceMate into recognition mode, a person need only touch the corresponding Touch Assist screen pad. When used in Constant Listening Mode (CLM) VoiceMate will listen for a function command at all times. No hands or fingers are required to operate MyControl’s electronic functions.

MyControl’s VoiceMate will guide you through the training and recognition process with voice prompts. Voice prompts include “Say a word”, “Repeat”, “Accepted”, “Please talk louder”, “Error”, “Spoke too soon”, “Word not recognized”, “Memory empty”, “Memory erased”, “Similar to word…”. VoiceMate can be programmed by just about any person in any language and by persons with just about any speech irregularity. VoiceMate is so advanced that it can recognize the dropping of a tin soda can tab.

MyControl’s VoiceMate will talk with you. It will guide you through the taining process. If you are in training mode, VoiceMate will instruct you to say a function by name. An example would be “say whirlpool” or “say door”. VoiceMate can operate in manual or CL Mode (constant Listening Mode). You can name your MyControl. MyControl VoiceMate will “wake up” while in CL Mode whenever you say the name you give it. Say the name you gave to wake the system up. MyControl will respond by giving off a short acknowledgement sound. Tell MyControl VoiceMate what function you want to control and it responds by activating the function and saying the function by name.

MyControl’s VoiceMate can be used in CL (constant listening mode) or MTM (manual trigger mode). Simply touch the corresponding Touch Assist screen pad and VoiceMate changes between the two recognition options. A green “Talk” LED, located on the touch screen panel, lights to let a user know when VoiceMate is listening for a command. A green “Mode status” LED indicates what mode voiceMate is in.

All VoiceMate functions can be controlled from Touch Assist Key pad B. Function include Train commands, Recognize a bath system function with manual prompting, erase memory, change mode from CL and Manual recognition, and reset voiceMate.









The Voice of MyControl Bathing System

Many of our customers and visitors have asked who the voice of MyControl is. The voice is that of the very talented Amber Rainey.

Thank you for asking.

AmberClick here to hear a sample of the Voice of MyControl.

MyControl’s VoiceMate Speaker/Microphone Module Flush-Mount version provides a true professional, built-in look (great for new or old construction). A surface mount version is also available upon request at time of ordering.

The Speaker/Microphone Module is a speaker and microphone assembly that allows two-way communication with MyControl. It may be mounted in close proximity to the bathing system in protected areas where direct water can‘t reach it.