Whirlpool System

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    Gentle Whirlpool effect at seat area


Universal and assistive technology whirlpool bathtubs for use by persons with a physical disability are gaining popularity as fixtures in day spas, commercial buildings and residential areas around the world. In addition to hygiene care benefits, being comfortable, luxurious and relaxing, MyControl Bathing System is known for its ability to promote better health, better sleep and pain relief. MyControl’s whirlpool system is used for muscle relaxation, physical therapy and other medical reasons. In everyday life, MyControl is comfortable and a fun way to bathe.

The MyControl Bathing System provides substantial physiological health benefits. In fact, people who use MyControl have an overall better feeling of health and well-being than people who do not use whirlpool bathtubs or other like products and equipment.

Such positive feelings not only make a person happier, but research shows they can even prolong a person’s lifetime. MyControl bathing System —consider it a health investment; an investment yielding benefits to you that far out way the cost.

Everyone can use the relaxation that MyControl Bathing System can provide. However, MyControl is especially important for people who have certain health needs and for persons with a physical disability, particularly those which can be helped significantly by using MyControl’s whirlpool feature as treatment. In addition, MyControl is a welcomed alternative for those who find it stressful and even painful on the body to be lifted in and out of a bath tub. In some cases MyControl can even be an alternative to pain, sleep or stress medication.

If a person does not have a health issue or a physical disability, a MyControl Bathing System is just plain luxurious. Regardless of a person’s needs, a MyControl Bathing System is a wonderful way to unwind to start off the weekend, or a fun soak on a week night to get cozy and rested and prepared for the work day to come.

wp3MyControl utilizes the Ultima 2 Power WOW high performance whirlpool pump. This powerful Whirlpool Operating Wonder has been carefully inspected and tested before shipment. The WOW pump has been specifically chosen for use with MYCONTROL to assure you high performance, durability, and quietness for years of trouble-free operation.

The 1/2 H.P. system provides more than ample water supply to four strategically placed jets. All four jets feature adjustable water volume and direction of flow.

We have changed to a more efficient and streamlined in-line water heater.

WhirlpoolinletThe whirlpool pump is fully self-draining through the low center suction port. You are sure to enjoy the economic benefits of the WOW’s energy efficient lower amperage draw.

MyControl’s electronic whirlpool safety sensor prevents the pump from running with low water or no water conditions. This feature eliminates damage to the environment (blowing water) or to the pump’s seal. If the whirlpool is in the activation mode, it will not engage until a preset safe water level is reached. Whirlpool deactivation occurs automatically at unsafe minimul water levels.

To prevent possible vacuum problems associated with the tub drain, the whirlpool deactivates automatically whenever the drain is opened while water is in the tub basin.

CMvalveOnce activated, the Electronic Cleansing System assists in sanitizing the internal workings of the whirlpool pump, jet supply lines, and the inside tub basin. A multiple touch or voice/sound sequence from VoiceMate is required and the door must be in the latched position to enter the cleaning mode. The multiple sequence mandate prevents accidental activation while bathing or showering. The closed door mandate provides protection against water damage. A pre-measured cleanser and water is injected into the bathing system’s basin. Run the whirlpool to circulate water through the whirlpool and jet lines and to agitate the water in the basin. Touching Rinse on touch pad B activates the hand shower for use in rinsing off the basin.

High-tech electronics activate the cleaning system water soleniods and mixing valve.

The Electronic Cleansing System can be utilized as a hands-free bathing detergent dispenser.

MyControl Bathing Systems are fitted with white as a standard whirlpool jet color. Additional trims are available at additional cost.



The Safest Suction in the Industry



The CareFlo system is so simple – yet has been awarded patent protection by the US Patent Office.

When it comes to suction safety in whirlpool bath applications, ABT believes that the agency mark should be the minimum standard. Product safety should never be compromised. ABT has taken the position that safety is of primary importance.


With no moving parts and no electrical connections, CareFlo monitors the degree of suction inside the bathtub. If a preset level of suction is exceeded, CareFlo disables the pump from pulling water through the suction cover by causing the pump to temporarily lose water prime. Once the proper level of safe suction draw is restored, CareFlo automatically permits the pump to again pump water. Safe. Automatic.