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Ability-based technologies. Ability-based solutions.

Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC. is a privately held company. We are a Dun and Bradstreet listed company. We are registered with GSA Federal Supply Service. We are a registered member in good standing with Fedopps as well as many State OGS Agencies. We create and manufacture the world’s best bathing systems, designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone who uses them. We achieve this, in part, through unique and functional bath tub designs, mechanical devices, electronics, speech/sound recognition, speech/sound synthesis and other speech/sound technologies.

Accessible Bath Technologies manufactures and markets both commercial and residential bathing solutions, with facilities in Guilderland, Voorheesville, the Capital Region of New York State and Georgia.

Our Goal, a MyControl Bathing System in every home and commercial facility… everywhere with Pride, Passion and Performance. ABT’s primary purpose is to manufacture MyControl Bathing System and associated accessories. That is the business side description of our company and we are very proud of that. We also want all to know that ABT is much more than a name. It is a place where people are known as Personal Team ABT Members well trained and honored to service individuals not just a customer. A place where what we do is honor a commitment to help people live well and as independent as possible, not just operate a company looking to sell some wares or slogans. A place where Assistive Technologies and Universal Design is centered around fulfilling a need. A place where “Made In The USA” means everything. A place where people take pride that they contribute to the making of products not manufactured in a foreign land simply looking for a market to sell to. Our team at Accessible Bath Technologies pride themselves on the quality products they manufacture to meet, and in many situations, exceed an individual’s bathing needs and expectations. We believe that all homes should accommodate all people, including those of different ability, height, and age, whether bathing alone or assisted. MyControl is truely tailored for use by people with a physical disability, yet universal in design so it can be used by just about every individual in a household.

Innovation is key at ABT, LLC. Our dedicated design team is constantly creating new ways to deliver unique and significant solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and wants. Our team of individuals are dedicated to the production and marketing of the highest quality products. As you will find, they do their job very well.

Our team includes individuals who were instrumental in the pioneering and development of side accessible bath tubs and associated technologies. Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and to date, these specialists continued to refine their craft in Acrylics, fiberglass, water management technologies, electronics, voice/sound recognition technologies, water seal design, and hinge development. All of that talent was brought together with the formation of Accessible Bath Technologies LLC. Since that time, ABT has advanced the state-of-the-art through the introduction of MyControl and its products for use in a variety of applications.

Our seal manufacturing team includes individuals who were instrumental in the pioneering and development of inflatable seals as far back as the 1940’s.

While individual talent and experience are both very important, working together to create, manufacture and provide proprietary technology to our customers that works is really what is most importent. We present our door and hinge as the first, only, and most efficient design because we prove it everyday. Our design team created it and we own the patent. Our door and hinge is one of many system designs and devices that can only be found on our MyControl Bathing System.

recycleitABT cares about our environment. We recycle waste by-products and use recycled material whenever possible. We work to reduce any contribution of electronic components and defective-in-manufacture PC boards to landfills by re-working and refurbishing electronic assemblies.

 Looking for printed literature and videos?

As a direct result of designing our web site to cover any information that would normally be placed in printed literature or in a video, we reduced our impact on paper, ink and transportation use. We conserve over 13,800 lbs. of paper, 6,260 lbs. of plastic, 13,456 lbs of packaging material, and an estimated 9,700 gallons of fuel neccessary to produce and ship printed and video materials each year. We reduce any impact to our environment that would occur as a result of ink use and landfill disposal. In 2010, we will continue our practice of NOT SHIPPING OR MAILING printed literature and video materials to consumers. We will continue to make immediate up-dates to our company web sites that provide consumers with detailed information.

We are committed to doing our part to reduce energy consumption. We use solar powered devices when ever possible, devices like re-generative LED spot and flash lights and radios, access and security lighting. Many of our electric light sources have been converted to low power ultra bright L.E.D. devices. MyControl uses less than 1 AMP of DC Current, even if all electronic functions were used at once. A very high rated energy efficent whirlpool pump is used. Each electric water valve uses less than .67 amps at its peek “pull-in” (activation) current requirement. When your MyControl is not in use, it uses less than .25 amps of DC current. You could run MyControl’s electronics for over three years on the same energy required to operate a 60 watt light bulb for 8 hours.

Our team of professionals at Accessible Bath Technologies are dedicated to empowering our customer’s while improving their quality of life through technologies that work simplistically. We are focused on creating new and improved systems never before seen in our industry or the world market place.

We strive everyday to assist and inspire you our valued customers… our friends.

ABT believes in Country First.

Patriot1aABT believes that the surest way to strengthen and maintain the American workforce and the US economy is to put country first. That’s why all ABT products are designed, manufactured and sold by talented and professional people who are legal members of the American workforce. We are proud to introduce those individuals as Team ABT.

Team ABT Members display their pride of “made in America” at every ABT Show and event. You can be sure to identify a Team Member, they are the individuals who wear the Team ABT shirts and jackets that proudly display the American Eagle, American flag, with Team ABT and Country First printed on the sleeves.

Be sure to do your part. Buy “made in the USA” products and services. MyControl is designed by Americans, manufactured by Americans right here in the USA, and sold by Americans.

Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC is a registered company with FedOpps and Dun and Bradstreet.

Accessible Bath Technologies, LLC is an approved vendor to the Veterans Administration and is listed on their CRC vendor’s list. ABT is also registered with the CCR, and BPN. The Business Partner Network (BPN) is the single source for vendor data for the Federal Government.


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