Patented Swing-in Door

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“MyControl features the world’s first and only bath tub bi-fold door & hinge system”

Door open A


Hinge C


Door full open Top A


Basin A



While many accessible bath tub products are claimed to accommodate people with disability, MyControl’s universal design and door takes accessibility a step further by asserting that all homes should accommodate all people, including those of different ability, height, and age. Universal design means true accessibility for just about everyone.

Unlike most other tubs on the market today, MyControl Bathing System is both walk-in and accessible from a seated position. Our doorway spans 83% of the spacious 30″ x 60″ bathing system.

More doorway space means easier more flexible entry and exiting.

MyControl features the ONLY door that pivots around legs. MyControl’s patented bi-fold door and doorway design allows for easy transfer in and out of the bathing system. The design also allows for installation into restricted space bathrooms.

DoorkeypadExternal door key pad

MyControl’s door latching system can be controlled with the out-of-bath “door touch pad located at the upper right hand side of the outer basin front. This removes the necessity to reach to the key pad panel(s). The key pad is brightly labeled with blue backlighting.

The MyControl bathing system door provides for easy transfer from an outside seat level object into our 18”* high molded-in seating area. No hydraulic lift is needed in most bathing situations. Our custom designed basin provides gentle curves and angles to assist in entering and exiting. The molded-in seating area provides generous space and includes a center water galley. The molded-in seat base and seat back are sloped to provide added comfort.

The door is one-piece, seamless, and made of Lucite Acrylic, the same material used to manufacture the basin. The door is internally reinforced with fiberglass for added support.

To begin a bath or shower, the bather simply brings the door to its closed position, snuggly against the basin. The door will seat into three electromechanical strikes when closed properly. The hinged door swings around the front of the bather from its open to closed position. This makes standing to enter or exit the bathing system unnecessary. The inside door sealing and resting feature means that as the door is opened, water that may be dripping from the door’s edge drips directly into the bath tub, helping to keep your floor dry. Dry floors mean less chance of slip and falls. The door is not tracked, so you control the actions and angles of the door as it is opened or closed.

The door latching system is 100% controlled by MyControl’s SmartElectronicstm. The door latching electro-mechanical strikes release automatically when the door sensor pad (located on the control panel) is touched or you say the door command. For added safety, the door strikes won’t release if water is detected in the tub basin. Three strike latch locations help to insure that the door won’t become unbalanced during a bath or shower. The door incorporates an “unlatched time period”. The door strikes release for 15 to 20 seconds before returning to latch safe mode.

*Estimated height. Height might change due to factors such as a built-up sub floor.

constructionmaterialsOur Custom-fit Inflatable Seal Keeps Water In

Our seal manufacturing team includes individuals who were instrumental in the pioneering and development of inflatable seals as far back as the 1940’s.

Since that time, these specialists continued to refine their craft in rubber technology and specialized products. These specialists have produced over 5,700 innovative products for use in a variety of applications. 

What is an inflatable seal?

An inflatable seal is a fabric-reinforced elastomeric tube, custom molded in a concave or flat configuration. It is designed to round out with the introduction of an inflation medium to form a tight barrier between the mounting and striking surface. For example, MyControl’s door seal inflates using water. The seal inflates between the door and the custom seal seat-groove, filling a 1/16” to 1/8” gap.

6bathdoorsealHow does the inflatable seal work?

MyControl’s door is made water tight by use of a custom designed and manufactured reinforced inflatable EPDM rubber seal. The door seal is filled and emptied using electric water solenoids and readily available tap water. Upon introduction of the inflation medium (water), the seal quickly expands to the striking surface (custom seal seat-groove), effecting a positive seal. When the inflation medium is removed, the seal retracts naturally to the deflated “memorized” configuration. This position provides a clearance for free movement of the door.

MyControl’s inflatable seal is not a simple rubber extrusion. The seal was designed and is built and molded to fit our particular application. This insures maximum structural integrity and reliability. The door seal rests in a tailored groove on the basin. The rubber seal inflates automatically with the door latched (seated in the closed position) when water is detected in the bath’s basin. The seal deflates when all water has completely evacuated from the basin. Because the door strikes will not release until water has drained from the basin and the seal fills and drains via electric solenoids, the seal and door will remain secure even during a power outage. This leak proof technology means that water stays in the bathing system where it belongs and not on your floor.


“MyControl features the world’s first and only bath tub Bi-fold door & Hinge System.”