High-tech Electronic Controls

High-tech Electronic Controls

Ability-based technologies. Ability-based solutions.

MyControl electronics are designed and manufactured in-house. This includes our proprietary touch screens, electronic PC Boards, even electronic chips and control modules. All outsourced components are designed and manufactured to ABT exacting standards. Our designs incorporate on-board software and firmware components that are reliable and compact.

 MyControl-firmware-PC-board[1] (2)


ABT cares about the environment. We recycle waste by-products and use recycled material whenever possible. We work to reduce any contribution of electronic components and defective PC boards to landfills by re-working and refurbishing electronic assemblies.


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ABT is committed to reducing the lead content in all its product lines in an environmentally responsible, technologically feasible, and cost-effective manner without sacrificing the current high levels of performance, quality, and reliability. As a result, ABT has initiated lead-free research and development programs to identify and evaluate possible lead-tin solder substitutes, while working with suppliers and other companies to establish lead-free standards and testing requirements for individual electronic components. Although only small amounts of lead have been commonly used in discrete components, IC packages, and printed circuit boards, its presence in these products is an increasingly visible governmental and environmental concern. ABT integrates RoHS compliant products and components wherever possible.

MyControl VoiceMate TM

vrsmoduleMyControl VoiceMate is a speech-sound-dependent recognition module featuring an on-board microcontroller, allowing training of all 9 bathing control functions. Using sophisticated award-winning speech and sound recognition technology, the VoiceMate maps spoken or sound commands (words, sentences, or sounds) to system control functions. With proper, easy-to-use training, the VoiceMate can achieve greater than 99% recognition accuracy.


MyControl’s VoiceMate can be used in CL (constant listening mode) or MTM (manual trigger mode). Simply touch the MODE pad on the Touch Assist screen and VoiceMate changes between the two recognition options. LEDs (labeled talk), located on the touch key pad panels light to let a user know when VoiceMate is listening for a command (talk LED) and to indicate Mode status.

Touch Assist Dual 8 function Touch screen



Introduce yourself to ABT’s Touch Assist Touch Screen Technologies. Each touch screen requires little pressure to activate the bathing system’s functions. Touch pressure required for activation is equal to the same weight just less than a quarter and a dime! The Touch Screens feature easy to read screen text. Touch screens feature blue back lighting and feature LED status indication when a screen pad is touched.

Multiple touch key pads can be daisy chained together.

All electronic control boards are hand manufactured and undergo numerous quality control tests. You will find thatMyControl’s electronics will provide you with years of trouble-free operation. In the rare event of a problem, each Printed Circuit Control Board was designed to be easily serviced or replaced by a qualified technician.

Electronic Controller box panel and virtual key pads

The Electronic Controller panel located in the basin underside mounted at the water valve assembly provides LED status indication of function operation. Virtual scaled size versions of touch key pads A and B accessible from a compatible computer or handheld device allows for direct operation of functions from the underside of the bath system’s basin. This provides for easy service updates and system operation checks. LED status for functions is present on the virtual touch panels.

Status panel

Function status panel

Increased independence and individualize preference adjustment

    • Adjust and personalize MyControl timer settings with a laptop or other compatible media devices
    • MyControl Icon is automatically placed on a desk top at upload
    • Direct Blu Tooth connection to MyControl electronic control module
    • Virtual on screen touch control pads for ease of programming and for making service adjustments
    • Virtual Key Pads appear on your tablet or mobile device for wireless remote bather assist capability

   Handheld surface w panels 2

   touch assist surface close up


About Assistive Technology Link or simply put “AT-Link”

MyControl offers ABT’s “AT-LINK”. Open the downloaded software and the MyControl panel allows for individualized function customization using slide-icon boxes.

AT-LINK is extremely useful to adjust operation to a particular ability or accommodate or adjust to a bather’s size and age.

Connect to MyControl with any windows-based computer via Blu Tooth technology to utilize programming capabilities.

MyControl is shipped with general use settings in place. Use the ABT “AT-Link” feature to control the following:

  • Connect/disconnect Icon
  • Close panel Icon
  • Virtual on screen key pad control of functions using a tablet or Microsoft based device – Remote assist bather from a close proximity.
  • View status – shows status of the door and water level in exact inches and feet ( -0.02, etc.). This feature appears on the screen as a separate box that can be moved around the screen.
  • Door open duration
  • Cleaning mode duration
  • Sanitize duration
  • Seal fill time
  • seal drain time
  • Drain water level
  • Whirlpool water level
  • High water level
  • Water timer
  • Whirlpool timer


Download the ABT Control Panel software and you are ready to go!

It is the mission of ABT to explore, create, and implement new technology opportunities so that MyControl Bathing System provides the most advanced options to assist bathers.


Re-designed features and additions for 2020

Touch key pads

Key pad A

Key pad B

Electronic controllers

MyControl firmware PC board

Valve controller PC board



Doorkeypad.JPG.w180h134External door key pad

MyControl’s door latching system can be controlled with the out-of-bath “door touch pad located at the upper right hand side of the outer basin front. The key pad is brightly labeled with blue backlighting.


Electronic water level sensing technologies

MyControl is equipped with water level safety features. A tiny sensor placed in the bath system’s drain outlet monitors water detection, water level detect for safe activation of the whirlpool, and anti-overflow water shut-off.



On-screen Status box

View status – shows status of the door and water level in exact inches and feet ( -0.02, etc.). This feature appears on the screen as a separate box that can be moved around the screen.



MyControl’s VoiceMate Speaker/Microphone Module Flush-Mount version provides a true professional, built-in look (great for new construction). A surface mount version is also available upon request at time of ordering.

The Speaker/Microphone Module is a speaker and microphone assembly that allows two-way communication with MyControl. It may be mounted in close proximity to the bathing system in protected areas where direct water can‘t reach it.