TouchAssist keypad Control

Key pad B     Key pad A
TouchAssist touch Key pads

All MyControl functions are controlled with the Exclusive ABT MyControl Touch key pads, we call it Touch Assist!

Touch Assist consists of multiple touch key pad control panels. Touch key pad one controls operation of the Door latch/unlatch, Wall shower, Hand shower, Whirlpool, faucet, drain, VoiceMate’s Mode select and Recognize. Each time an individual function pad is touched, a corresponding bath system function toggles on or off. What happens on one key pad happens on all other key pads at the same time. Touch key pad one allows operation by a seated bather or used by an individual who is assisting the bather. Touch Screen two provides for operation of the VoiceMate and the Cleaning Mode feature.

Each touch key pad has a bright blue backlight for easy on the eyes reading. Status LEDs are located at each touch pad to indicate touch detection, function status, and VoiceMate staus (talk LED).

TouchAssist is a great addition to your bathing system, adding home automation to your advanced technology product. TouchAssist is a very practical addition especially when MyControl is used in an application requiring, for example, added privacy and in situations where sensitivity to medical care or illness is required.

Key pad features include:

  • LED status indication for each key/function at touch
  • Each key is pre-set as a momentary toggle – touch once=on. Touch again=off.
  • Turn a function on with TouchAssist then turn function off with VoiceMate.
  • Soft-touch water proof key pads
  • Bright blue backlighting
  • Unique key-click feedback
  • Designer look mounting panel
  • Key pad operating force: 1.4 oz. (with R0.8mm test point) same weight as one quarter and a dime.
  • LEDs provide system feedback, alerts, and function status


Touch Screen A install next to batch seating area

Touch Screen A install next to batch seating area

Re-designed touch panels for 2020

Key pad A            Key pad B

Electronic Controller box panel and virtual key pads

The Electronic Controller panel located in the basin underside mounted at the water valve assembly provides LED status indication of function operation. Virtual scaled size versions of touch key pads A and B accessible from a compatible computer or handheld device allows for direct operation of functions from the underside of the bath system’s basin. This provides for easy service updates and system operation checks. LED status for functions is present on the virtual touch panels.

Status panel

Function status panel

External door key pad

MyControl’s door latching system can be controlled with the out-of-bath “door touch pad located at the upper right hand side of the outer basin front. The key pad is brightly labeled with blue backlighting.

PaulPearsonABT has designed the MyControl Bathing System so that it is usable spanning a wide spectrum of disabilities. This unique approach to design allows ABT to manufacture one bath system that incorporates technologies that interact with a person’s abilities. Given its one-of-a-kind design, MyControl can be used by most occupants in a household; those with a disability and by able-body persons alike. Once installed, the bath system functions much like a home or consumer automated device. The design does not stereo-type the end user.