Water Control & Management

No water faucets, knobs or manual door latching levers to push, pull or turn – so there isn’t anything to hit your body on or a need to grab anything!

Electric solenoid valves control water flow

MyControl’s Touch Assist key pads and the VoiceMate Sound and Voice module control the operation of food-grade solenoids and the electrically actuated drain. Solenoids are used to provide water flow to the wall shower, hand-held shower, water faucet, and to the bathing system door seal. Solenoid valves not only provide for hands free operation and easy cleaning of the bathing system, they reduce germ contamination conveyed by hand transfer and from residue build-up typically found around faucets, water knobs and drain control levers. With our valves, there are no faucets, knobs or handles to hit with your body. All of our valves are non-corrosive and all but the 3/4″ incorporate internal screens for added protection. MyControl’s electronic controlled SMARTFLOW™ feature compensates automatically to provide equal distribution of water between the showers and water faucet, should they be used simultaneously. All valves are U.L. listed.


No-protruding water faucet inlet

MyControl operates through the use of advanced electronics

MyControl uses electronics to control things like operation of water flow, the whirlpool, water safety, voice and sound control, the drain and so on. Click on each feature available from our website navigation drop-down list to learn more about how electronics play a part.

Electronic water level sensing technologies

MyControl is equipped with water level safety features. A tiny sensor placed in the bath system’s drain outlet monitors water detection, water level detect for safe activation of the whirlpool, and anti-overflow water shut-off.

On-screen Status box

View status – shows status of the door and water level in exact inches and feet ( -0.02, etc.). This feature appears on the screen as a separate box that can be moved around the screen.

ABT Recommends using Grohtherm Thermostatic Temperature Control Valves… a technological milestone.

We only use the best, Grohtherm “High flow” thermostatic temperature control valves and trim. We recommend that you do too. It takes more than average performance to supply ample water volume for today’s custom bathing and shower installations. Especially when meeting the needs of HealthCare facilities. For over 25 years GROHE has been recognized as the worldwide leader in thermostatic temperature control valve technology. “Safety Valves” are now required by code throughout the United States. Grohtherm thermostat valves insure a maximum of bathing safety for everyone, but are particularly important for small children, physically challenged individuals, and the aging. Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit, temperature is selected by dialing the temperature handle to a setting within the 70 to 110 degree comfort zone. The handle design also features a safety stop at 100 degrees for added protection.

GROHE TurboStat® Savor the difference

GROHE TurboStat technology enables GROHE thermostat valves to deliver near instantaneous, precise temperature control for the highest level of convenience, comfort and safety available today for your shower or bath.

Why did we choose a thermostat for your MyControl? We’ve all been there before. You’ve just stepped under your nice hot shower when someone else in the house either turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet; suddenly the temperature of your shower plummets to freezing cold or becomes scalding hot. While style and versatility are important when it comes to planning a new bathroom, by installing a GROHE thermostat you can be sure of a safe and enjoyable showering experience every time. This is especially important when children, elderly people, or physically impaired people are involved.

The 3/4” Grohtherm valve is the first (and current only) thermostatic shower safety valve to flow 18 gpm (at 45 psi) and meet the scald-protection requirements of the stringent ASSE Standard 1016 (as certified by underwriters Laboratories.) The high flow 3/4” Grohtherm thermostat valve option, recommended for use in commercial applications, is perfectly suited to meet the demands of MYCONTROL’s water supply outlet features. Given adequate water pressure, the 3/4” valve can supply enough water to simultaneously power a shower head, the personal hand shower, and the faucet while automatically maintaining a specific water temperature at each outlet (2.5 gpm shower outlets).

MYCONTROL is equipped, for residential use, with a 1/2” Grohtherm valve that flows 11 gpm at 45 psi and meets ASSE Standard 1016. Additional Code Compliance: ASME/ANSI A112.18.M

oringExclusive O-Ring Guide Design

All Watts Quick-Connect fittings incorporate an exclusive O-Ring Guide for improved reliability. This unique feature ensures zero-leak connections by:

  • Protecting the O-ring from damage during connection
  • Increasing the connectors side load capacity
  • Correctly aligning the tubing with the O-ring every time
  • Preventing the O-ring from becoming dislodged



Hot Water in Seconds

Waste no more time or water! The “Justright” rapid hot water delivery system option delivers hot water within seconds after turning on the tap. The rapid hot water delivery system uses the natural process of convection (hot water rises… cool water falls) to continuously recirculate cooled water through your water heater, returning hot water to MyControl’s faucet or shower outlets. Be sure to add this option to your MyControl Bathing system if you need or want hot water fast.

A Power Massage hand-held shower that flows at 2.5 gpm and meets ASME A112.18.1M is recommended for use with the MyControl Bathing System.

MyControl’s drain is controlled by a Series EA Electrically Actuated True Union Ball Valve. 1-1/2″ for residential and 2″ for commercial systems.

haywardValve Features

  • Full Featured Valve and Actuator Combination
  • All-plastic PVC construction
  • Rated to 225 psi
  • EPDM seals
  • PTFE seats
  • Full port design
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Double o-ring stem seal
  • Actuator Features
  • All-plastic Nema 4x enclosure
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Permanently lubricated gear train
  • Actuator brake
  • No need for manual adjustments
  • End connections: Socket and threaded

Safety Valves

As “Safety Valves” are now mandated throughout the United States, GROHE thermostatic temperature control valves and pressure balance valves insure maximum bathing safety for everyone in your household.

What is a Safety Valve?

We’ve all been there before. You’ve just stepped under your nice hot shower when someone else in the house either turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet; suddenly the temperature of your shower plummets to freezing cold or becomes scalding hot – leaving you with soap in your eyes as you try to manually adjust the temperature back to a comfortable level. While style and versatility are important when it comes to planning a new bathroom, so is safety…and particularly important for small children, physically disabled people, and elderly people. Safety valves prevent the temperature shocks associated with accidental scalding and falls in the shower.

We used the following explanations about features and technologies to help us make the best choice for meeting your needs.

grohe34Thermostatic Temperature Control Valves

Thermostatic valves work by constantly mixing hot and cold water to a preselected temperature. No matter what effects the water supply to your shower (temperature or pressure), the thermostat reacts by recalibrating the quantities of hot and cold water required to maintain the correct temperature. For convenience, peace of mind and economy all in one, a thermostat is a must.

Pressure Balance Valves

GROHE pressure balance valves mean peace of mind for you and your family with economical, reliable shower protection from scalding and cold shocks. If a toilet is flushed or a dishwasher is turned on, the available hot or cold water supply has an immediate pressure change. A Grohsafe pressure balance valve will safeguard against these sudden, dangerous shower temperature shocks by balancing cold and hot water pressure.

Using an advanced diaphragm-based system, GROHE pressure balance valves will maintain water temperature ±2°F with a 50% pressure drop in either the hot or cold water supply. If the cold water supply is cut off for whatever reason, the valve will shut off the flow of water for maximum protection. Grohsafe systems feature a rotating handle control which allows a wide comfort zone so you can gradually and precisely regulate water temperature from cold to hot. Also featured is a handle limit stop which lets you further control temperature by limiting the extent of handle movement toward the full hot position.

GROHE pressure balance valves are an ideal choice for shower safety in standard tub/shower applications. And, GROHE offers a pressure balance valve trim to match your faucet and its finish.


Hot water can pose a real danger in many of today’s bathing, faucet and shower set-ups. With the implementation of new energy efficient plumbing and heating systems comes more effective water delivery to showers and faucets. As Adults, one knows how to adjust faucet valves to avoid getting burned. Curious little children and aging adults, however, can and sometimes do get burned on a regular bases. Sometimes people get injured by falling in a shower when the water temperature changes rapidly. In an effort to move out of the way from the hot stream of water, a person can easily slip and fall.

The thermostatic temperature control valve supplied with MyControl protects a bather from accidental scalding while taking a shower or bath… the ultimate in safety and comfort. Dial the water temperature just as you would the heat or air conditioning in your home – it’s that simple to use, that worry-free. The average person relies on their own personal pain threshold to monitor hot water temperatures. This isn’t consistent among adults. Little children and the aging have more sensitive skin. People with illness related skin diseases, like leg ulcers, must be very careful of not only hot water but rapid temperature fluctuations.

The thermostatic temperature control valve automatically controls the flow of hot and cold water to accurately deliver the desired water temperature to the showers or to the faucet. Manual water adjustments to correct water temperature fluctuations, possibly caused by the flushing of a toilet or operation of another water source, are completely eliminated. Should the hot or cold water fail, the temperature valve cuts off the water flow to protect from scalding or thermal shock. The temperature valve also features a safety stop at 100 degrees Fahrenheit; Maximum temperature available is 110 degrees Fahrenheit. For additional protection, a volume control valve can be used in conjunction with the thermostatic temperature control valve.

Hot liquids – not fire – are the most common causes of burns to young children.

Seventy-five per cent of children treated for burns at Children’s Hospitals in Canada have been scalded. A scald is a burn resulting from contact with very hot liquid or steam. Each year in BC, more than 200 children are hospitalized for scald burns and thousands more are treated in emergency departments. Data collected over a five year period in BC showed 453 children (birth – 5 years) hospitalized because of burns from hot liquids. During the same time frame, B.C.’s Children’s Hospital treated 343 young children for scald burns — 87% of these injuries occurred at home, with an average of 40% occurring in the kitchen and 9.3% in the bathroom.

Scald burns are the most painful of any injury a child might encounter – the treatment is agonizing and the scarring can last a lifetime. Scalds are most likely to happen at home. Common causes are spilled liquids such as tea, coffee, soup, and hot tap water. Tap water scalds are more likely to happen when hot water heaters are set at dangerously high temperatures. Hot water set at 60?C (140?F) — the pre-set temperature of most household water tanks – is hot enough to cause third-degree burns. A safe household hot water temperature is 49 Celsius (120 F). At this temperature, it takes several minutes of exposure for a child to be burned. At 60 Celsius (140 F), it takes 1 – 2 seconds.