Universal Design

Advantages of MyControl Bathing System’s Universal Design

What you should know about “universal design”. While some accessible products claim to accommodate people with disabilities or mobility concerns, MyControl’s universal design takes accessibility a step further by asserting that all homes should accommodate all people, including those of different ability, height, and age. Universal design means true accessibility.

There are sound reasons for incorporating MyControl’s universal design in your home improvement plans. MyControl can provide a competitive edge in the market by meeting the increasing demand for accessible living environments. Bathrooms and bathing areas equipped with a MyControl Bathing System provide accessibility for all members of a household, not just those with physical disabilities. An investment in universal design can make your home stand out from the rest by adding value that today’s homebuyers appreciate.

The percentage of senior citizens has almost doubled since 1950, and approximately 10,000 Americans will turn 65 everyday over the next 5 years. That average is likely to continue to grow. Additionally, 49 million Americans have some type of disability. These groups represent the two fastest growing population segments. Recognizing the demands of these population segments, home designers and manufacturers are creating designs and developing products to accommodate them. One of the most important places for universal design features is in bathing areas.

doorpivitsMyControl Bathing System features a patented doorway and hinge design, which not only accommodates a person who uses a wheelchair or walker, it provides a walking person the option of using the bathing system as well.

Unlike Bathtubs with built-in lifts that provide some independence for those who would depend on others to help them bathe, MyControl allows an individual or single caretaker (instead of two) to help a person in and out of the bathing system. MyControl requires no lift or other mechanical devices to assist in the bathing experience, freeing up needed space in and around the bathing area.

MyControl Universal design bathing systems improve safety for all home occupants, and improve livability by accommodating people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.


MyControl Bathing Systems are the same wall size as conventional tubs, allowing easy retrofit and space planning for new construction. MyControl is not like tubs with lifts that require equipment clearance below or and elevated installation. Threshold-less shower applications require waterproofing of adjacent areas, and may call for sloping the floor toward the shower drain.

The addition of grab bars and seats usually requires structural support or blocking in the walls. MyControl features a built-in grab bar that is securely fastened to the basin.

Zero-step entrance installation option

stepfree5MyControl is manufactured to offer the ideal height for direct transfer from an external seated position to the molded-in seating area. To meet that goal of transfer ease, MyControl measures 4.25″ from the bath system’s bottom external edge to the bath door bottom lip surface. There are occasions where installation modifications to the door lip surface height might be a necessity, to meet the individual needs of a person as an example.

This accommodation or installation adjustment could more closely be related to the terms Zero step, Zero-free entrance, or barrier-free. Whatever the term assigned to the change, MyControl has been installed with great success in a way that places the bottom door lip surface near or at equal floor level –please see photos below.


Although accessible fixtures are not ordinarily required by code or law in private single-family residences, they appeal to many homebuyers, adding value and marketability to a home. In addition to MyControl being a cost effective alternative to out-of-home healthcare and physical therapy, sometimes in the $3,500 to $15,000 per month price range, the value and benefits of remaining in your home are immeasurable.

The average private-pay cost for a private room (single occupant in a nursing home in 2009 is $284 per day (or $103,680 per year). For a semi-private room, typically a room shared with another resident with a curtain or other partition between the beds, the average cost was $242 per day, or $88,330 per year.

About 65 percent of nursing home residents are supported primarily by Medicaid, and Medicaid pays for 45 percent of the total nursing home bill.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care, but the program covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing home care per benefit period, after 20 days, beneficiaries must pay a coinsurance.

Here is a break down for comparison purposes only

National Spending for lowest cost nursing home care by payer each year of stay
Medicaid, 45% $46,656
Medicare, 17% $17,625.60
Other 6% $6,220.80
Private insurance, 7% $7,257.60
Your out of pocket, 25% $25,920.00

One-time cost of MyControl Bathing System without promotional Discount(s) $16,800.00


Benefit to you or a loved one as a result of remaining at home $$$Priceless$$$

As an Average, MyControl Bathing System pays for itself in just under 7 months.