Easy Side Door Access

Basin CUnlike many tubs on the market today, MyControl Bathing System is both walk-in and accessible from a seated position. The doorway spans 83% of the spacious 30″ x 60″ tub basin.

More doorway space means easier more flexible entry and exiting.

MyControl features the ONLY door that pivots around legs. MyControl’s patented bi-fold door and doorway design allows for easy transfer in and out of the bathing system. The design also allows for installation into restricted space bathrooms.

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The MyControl bathing system door provides for easy transfer from an outside seat level object into our 18”* high molded-in seating area. No hydraulic lift is needed in most bathing situations.

Our custom designed basin provides gentle curves and angles to assist in entering and exiting. The molded-in seating area provides generous space and includes a center water galley. The molded-in seat base and seat back are sloped to provide added comfort.

DoorkeypadExternal door key pad

MyControl’s door latching system can be controlled with the out-of-bath “door touch pad located at the upper right hand side of the outer basin front. This removes the necessity to reach to the key pad panel(s). The key pad is brightly labeled with blue backlighting.