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ABT cares about our environment. We recycle waste by-products and use recycled material whenever possible. We work to reduce any contribution of electronic components and defective-in-manufacture PC boards to landfills by re-working and refurbishing electronic assemblies.

Looking for printed literature and videos?

As a direct result of designing our web site to cover any information that would normally be placed in printed literature or in a video, we reduced our impact on paper, ink and transportation use. We conserve over 13,800 lbs. of paper, 6,260 lbs. of plastic, 13,456 lbs of packaging material, and an estimated 9,700 gallons of fuel neccessary to produce and ship printed and video materials each year. We reduce any impact to our environment that would occur as a result of ink use and landfill disposal. In 2013, we will continue our practice of NOT SHIPPING OR MAILING printed literature and video materials to consumers. We will continue to make immediate up-dates to our company web sites that provide consumers with detailed information.

We are committed to doing our part to reduce energy consumption. We use solar powered devices when ever possible, devices like re-generative LED spot and flash lights and radios, access and security lighting. Many of our electric light sources have been converted to low power ultra bright L.E.D. devices. MyControl uses less than 1 AMP of DC Current, even if all electronic functions were used at once. A very high rated energy efficent whirlpool pump is used. Each electric water valve uses less than .67 amps at its peek “pull-in” (activation) current requirement. When your MyControl is not in use, it consumes less than .25 amps of DC current.